At Cape Fear Hardwood, we believe in making sure our customers are satisfied with all our systems. Hardwood floors are a large investment for a homeowner and we are confident that we provide the training and products to give you the best results on your jobsite.

Who We Are

Cape Fear hardwood  is a veteran , certified floor service specializing in installations, repairs, finishings, and deep cleaning. We are a proud partner of Bona. Proudly serving Leland and Wilmington areas. 

Our Vision

To provide top quality, Fully insured craftsmanship for all your hardwood flooring needs.

Our Services

Bona Deep Clean PowerScrubber System with free inspection

  • Bona Recoat System
  • Dust Containment Sand & Finish
  • Flooring installation
  • Repairs

With prefinished engineered hardwood floors being installed in so many homes today, maintaining your floors is more crucial than ever! The majority of these floors, unlike solid flooring, is lacking an adequate wear layer to sand and finish. Once the finish is worn thru the only option is replacing the flooring, a very costly endeavor.
We along with Bona recommend a PowerScrubber deep cleaning at least once a year. This also gives us an opportunity to inspect your finish to see how it is holding up. It is crucial to recoat before the finish wears thru to the surface of flooring.
Although solid flooring can be sanded and refinished, the same recommendations apply. It is far less costly to use the Bona recoat system than to refinish.

Cape Fear Hardwood is proud to partner with Bona as a member of the Bona Certified Craftsman Program. We are trained and qualified to meet all your hardwood flooring needs. Dust containment combined with Bona waterborne finish systems provide a clean and green jobsite.



• Installations

• Refinishing including wire brushing and Craft Oils

• Bona Re-coat System

• Power Scrubber deep cleaning

• Repairs

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